Course Name
Paradigms in Physics: Static Fields
Course Number
Course Credits
Class meeting times
7 hours of lecture per week for five weeks
PH213, MTH255
Course description
Theory of static electric, magnetic, and gravitational potentials and fields using the techniques of vector calculus in three dimensions.
Homework Due
Unit: Potentials Due to Discrete Charges
Introduction to the Unit
Learning Outcomes
1/8 Mon
Review on your own(as needed):Basic Calculus, Exponentials & Logarithms, Vectors
Position Vector
Read After Class:
GSF: The Position Vector
GEM 1.1.4
1/9 Tues
Calculating the Distance Between Two Points
Read After Class:
GSF: The Distance Formula
GEM 1.1.2, 1.1.4
Visualizing Potentials
1/10 Wed
1/11 Thurs
Definition of Power Series
Derive Power Series Coefficients
Calculating Coefficients of Power Series
Guessing Power Series
Power Series Approximations (Sine Example)
1/12 Fri
Power Series Sensemaking
1/15 Mon
MLK (No Class)
1/16 Tues
The Multivariable Differential
Unit: Integration in Curvilinear Coordinates
Introduction to the Unit
Learning Outcomes
1/17 Wed
Step Functions
1/18 Thurs
Snow Day
1/19 Fri
Modeling Nonuniform Densities
1/22 Mon
Unit: Fields from Continuous Sources
Introduction to the Unit
Learning Outcomes
1/23 Tues
Representations of Vectors
Curvilinear Basis Vectors
1/24 Wed
Limiting Cases
1/25 Thurs
Introduction to the Lorentz Force Law
GSF: The Lorentz Force Law
GEM 5.1, 5.3.4
Taylor 2.5
Electric Field for Two Point Charges
Electric Field Lines
1/26 Fri
Unit: $\vec{E}$ as a Gradient
Introduction to the Unit
Learning Outcomes
1/29 Mon
Big Quiz Opens
Properties of Gradient
Electric Field Due to a Point Charge as a Gradient
GEM 2.1.1-2.1.2
Unit: Gauss's Law (Integral)
Introduction to the Unit
Learning Outcomes
1/30 Tues
Products of Vectors: Cross Product
Triple Product
GMM: Cross Product
GEM 1.1.1-1.1.3
Vector Surface Elements
1/31 Wed
Unit: Divergence and Curl
Introduction to the Unit
Learning Outcomes
2/1 Thurs
Derivatives of Vector Fields
2/2 Fri
Divergence Theorem
GSF: The Divergence Theorem
GEM 1.3.4
Taylor 13.7
Differential Form of Gauss's Law
Unit: Magnetic Fields
Introduction to the Unit
Learning Outcomes
Learning Outcomes
2/5 Mon
Current Density
Total Current
GSF: Current
GEM 5.1.3, 5.2.2
Lorentz Force Law
2/6 Tues
2/8 Thurs
Stokes' Theorem
Differential Form of Ampère's Law
Magnetic Field \(\vec{B}\) from Magnetic Vector Potential \(\vec{A}\)
GEM 5.4.1
Curl-Free Vector Fields
GSF: Curl-Free Vector Fields
GEM 1.6.2
Taylor 4.4
2/9 Fri
2/12, 7-9pm